Our Straight Up Realtors

Joni Williams



My name is Joni Williams. As owner of Straight Up Realty I believe in being honest and "straight up" with clients. The thing that I love the most about real estate is meeting new people. I enjoy meeting people of all ages, from all walks of life and from all over the world. The older I get I realize that my mother was right in that life is all about change. The one thing that seems to remain constant in Pittsboro is the caliber of the people that are attracted here. You can still walk downtown or into the post office or grocery store and it's ok to say hi to anyone you see and they will definitely say hello back. It's part of our Southern Hospitality! Chatham County is a great location because we are only a few hours from the mountains or the coast! If you are interested in making this area your home, I would love to help you with your real estate needs.

Mary Youngerman



Mary Youngerman is the property manager and a real estate agent at Straight Up Realty. She manages rental properties for owners in all parts of Chatham and in surrounding counties. Mary effectively uses her former corporate project management background and accounting experience to professionally manage residential and commercial rental properties. She has been a property manager for over a dozen years, and is experienced in matching properties with appropriate tenants. Mary is skilled at advising owners of appropriate rental rates for their property based on the current market. She advertises the property, finds qualified tenants, writes binding lease agreements, and represents the owner as agent. She handles repairs and maintenance issues, and keeps accurate books for the owner's accounting needs. Mary is a real estate broker as well as property manager, and is experienced at working with buyers and sellers.

Sandy Burke



Hi, I'm Sandy Burke! I was born and raised just outside of Pittsboro on Charlie Brooks Road (Charlie Brooks was my grandfather). I live in Goldston with my husband Bill and have three sons who all live nearby. From the time I was small, I loved home and the architectural features of houses. As I raised my children, I started a custom drapery business, gave consultations on home decor and helped clients select materials to build new homes or remodel. This passion led me to attend Fonville Morisey Real Estate School in Cary and receive my North Carolina Real Estate License November of 2017. Chatham County is certainly growing and I'm happy to be a part of these exciting changes to our community! I love people and enjoy all ages. I'd be happy to help you search for your next home or list your current one to sell.

Dave Klarmann



After eight (8) years of living and working in Madison County, N.C., the Jewel of the Blue Ridge, I've decided to return to Pittsboro and enjoy the life of a Flatlander again. My prior work experience in Chatham County with Landco Reality for seven (7) years provided an understanding of the complexities of land development both in minor and major subdivisions. The years spent on the Planning Board was an added education to the ways and means of property procurement. I possess a willingness to walk the land with an auger and soil map to help determine if the acreage will perk. I look forward to working with the residents of Chatham County to share in our future's prosperity.

Allison Blanks



A native of North Carolina, Allison has always loved exploring the state's landscapes, history, and culture. Also a licensed architect, she brings a unique perspective to real estate practice, with an eye for detail, construction, and opportunity. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with her husband and son, and is happy to call Pittsboro and Chatham County home.

Donna Bianco



In 1981 Donna started her career with a Masters degree in Special Education teaching exceptional children in Upstate NY and continued there for 17 years until moving to NC in 1998. Once here she taught in the Triangle area for 10 years but in 2006 she changed careers and opened an Italian restaurant, Bella Donna, in Pittsboro. Now moving closer to retirement age, she is interested in slowing down, physically, and her husband is always looking for houses to flip and properties to purchase so it seems like a next step progression. If you are moving here from another state, and a smooth transition is what you are looking for, with my personal experience we can make it seamless, together.

Becky Whitley



My name is Becky Whitley. I’m from Pensacola, FL, however NC has been my home for 31 years and will always be my forever residence. Traveling is my favorite past time and regularly full of fun and exciting adventures. I am a mother of two sweet boys and grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren. If you’re considering Pittsboro as your choice of residency, reach out and let’s share a cup of coffee. Let’s put our heads together and find your next new beginning.